Just give us an idea and we will engineer and deliver solution in weeks. Being driven by Agile methodologies, our projects have planned releases every month. Our developers like to travel and meet with customers on a periodic basis. We create state of the art systems and components. Check out the list of our projects below.


Look at your big data from all possible angles. Fly through it in VR, find shortest paths between nodes on the graph and analyze all the causalities in open space.


Use telemetry from the body and neural activity sensors to convey emotion to your listeners by means of our engineered visualizations.


Step back from semiconductor principles of communication and enjoy power of meditational connection between friends by means of the heartbeat sync.
Coming soon

Inquisition Index

Simplify your HR's life and make interviews more efficient. We introduced the InqDex score in addition to the IQ for measuring stress resistance.
Coming soon


Transfer emotions from a person to the crowd using our system. Control attitude to your campaign on presentations, training sessions and live concerts.
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Watt Cruiser

Discover the AI-aided bicycles. We apply Machine Learning algorithms and analyze vibrations to suggest rider about the state of the bike and the road.


Imagine that you returned back in time and made some thing happen... Learn what happened after that in your alternative reality.
Coming soon

Causy Bot

Talk to attractive woman or handsome man in a bar and find out what's going on in the world. Chat them up to know your competitor's secrets.
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Find patterns everywhere: in snowflakes, in flowers, in the sea... in stock markets. Just check out what we found.
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Mathematist, Inc. is a Delaware corporation formed in 2017 with its offices located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara, Russia. We are a group of programmers, applied mathematicians and data scientists specialized in non-trivial projects like parsing news feeds and predicting the future, finding patterns in stock markets, music visualization and sentiment engineering, and also big data visualization and manipulation in virtual reality. Besides this we are involved in regular production projects like parsing unstructured datasets, data analysis, clustering, data migration, monitoring logs, ETL/ELT processes, and many others.
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